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Free Shipping When You Buy Two!
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1. Will the mount fit my handlebars?

Magnetic handlebar mount will fit 7/8", 1", and 1 1/8" bars with provided rubber spacers and screws.

2. How does the handlebar mount work?

The handlebar mount has a powerful N52 neodymium rare earth magnet that snaps into a rare earth magnet in the spray bottle. The mount also has a ratcheting mechanism that keeps the spray bottle at the preferred position and prevent it from rotating on the mount.

3. Will the Kelias Visor Clear stay on the handlebar mount after hard bumps, vibration, and high speed?

Yes, the Kelias Visor Clear has the strongest rare earth magnets that keeps it in place. The Visor Clear handlebar mount was built and tested to withstand hard bumps, high speeds, and heavy vibrations with its patent pending magnet ratchet connection.

4. How long does the micro-fiber cloth last?

The micro-fiber cloth is of the highest material quality and can last many months if washed correctly.

5. Can I wash the micro-fiber cloth?

Yes, micro-fiber cloth should be rinsed out periodically and after heavy use under running water. Do not machine wash. 

6. What cleaning solution should I use?

The great benefit of the Kelias Visor Clear is the ability to use a cleaning solution of your choice. Water and a drop of soap will work well. Do not use Windex or any ammonia based cleaning solutions as it may damage your poly-carbonate plastic visor and helmet.

7. Can I use the Kelias Visor Clear while riding?

The Kelias Visor Clear is intended to be used while safely stopped.