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Our Story

The Kelias Visor Clear started with Elijah's passion for everything two wheeled. In 2016, he embarked on his dream motorcycle journey through South America, covering 13 countries and over 19,000 miles. Through the miles ridden, Elijah realized that motorcycle riding could be made safer and easier through simple solutions.

The Kelias Visor Clear was envisioned while riding through Argentina on his way to the Dakar Rally. While passing through Santiago, Chile, Elijah decided to build the first prototype from materials found at an arts and crafts store after spending a whole day scouring the entire city for parts. With a working prototype, Elijah continued his journey to Ushuaia, where the Kelias Visor Clear proved to be a must have solution through the unpredictable weather of Patagonia.

Returning from his adventures in South America, Elijah was encouraged by fellow riders to bring the Kelias Visor Clear to the riding community. After rounds of testing by fellow riders and many model reiterations, the Kelias Visor Clear became ready for every riders’ use.